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I just want to get rid of the guilt I feel

I accomplished a lot today, and ended up driving up the penninsula as a result. Took that cat to the vet (grr), took the tape of Gammie (my great-grandmother) to my grandparents in Gig Harbor so they can find out where she was born. Next, I ate lunchi n Port Orchard and tried to remain calm and non-emotional, but unfortunately I failed miserably. I then went back to Gig harbor and stopped to make an appointemnt to get my ahir colored again. I love having an aunt that's a stylist. On the way home I was lucky enough to deal with traffic leaving Gig I swear if there's any sor tof blessing about all this it's not really havign to deal with bridge traffic while the new one is being built, since people are moronic enough to slow dwn to 25-30 MPH so they can look over the side and see what's going on.

Read the signs people! It says, KEEP UP SPEEDS WHILE CROSSING BRIDGE... Is that really all that hard to do?

After all that frustration, I ended up in downtown Tacoma, at The Camera Shop. Got my camera fixed and it was free cause apparently it wasn't anything bad (yay!)

In all this diving today, I've done my fair share of crying, and I was able to talk to Heather about it, a little bit. The problem is, she's too distracted, and stressed out enough as it is. I don't want to add to her stress...she's pregnant, she doesn't need any more stress. It's bad enough that my step-nephew may be a convicted sex-offender. They've had to deal wth all the court stuff with that, and then that leads to money stress that I know they have.

Ok...enough with the rambling for now...I feel like I'm going no where..maybe I'll be able to fix this when my thoughts are more clear.
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