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The wonderful David had his going away party today. He leaves us for Austria for 4 months. I'm so jealous of that boy, I love him dearly, the best musican I have ever known...but I'm just so jealous. I've never been to Europe and this is his 3rd time there. Plus, he gets to see Radiohead in London, on his birthday...My musical genius is leaving me in the country all alone to take care of Steph....Oh dear...

The party was fun, and after my slightly stressfull afternoon, was very much appreciated. Got to see Danny again, adn it's definately good to see his long ass rats nest of hair... I missed that back at Stadium his senior year. Chad and Skunky were there, as well as Jamie, Steph, Michaela, Collin, and of course... Luke. Luke has some of the best stories, and is also a "3rd level, blackbelt negro-in-training" (according to Steph, who has all the say in that)...hehehe... Danny soent most of the night trying to get the title of having 'negro tendancies" but it wasn't working. I swear, he reminded me of Owen in so many ways.

Once we all kinda left the house, Steph and I headed over to Denny's to chill a few more hours, and I almost killed my car... as a result, my car decided to stall out while at the turn into teh culdesacks. I then coased around all the turns and my car finally stopped moving as I pulled up to the little parking stip just infront of my house. I kick so much ass right now. I just hope it starts tomorrow afternoon when I go get Emma from the vet. GO ME!

All this was a much needed distraction from my thoughts of the afternoon. I'm very pleased about that. distrations are always good, plus I got a few hugs from Steph when I told her what I did today. I defninately need lots of hugs right now.

If someone could tell me where my black running tank is it would be very much appreciated... I really do miss it, it ws my favorite of all my cleavage tanks and actaully did it's job when I was running.... I don't like having to use an old racing suit while running now. I feel like a sausage when I wear it.

I spend most of the day listening to this song on repeat. Besides being perfectly in my range to not have to use my chest voice through the whole thing (damn you Evanescence for doing that to me), it is also a song that has brought me much comfort in recent days, and I really need that.

Spanish doll

This place feels so unfamiliar
And yet I know it well
I think I used to belong here
But the only way I can tell
Is that I miss you still
And I cannot find you here
You left me tattered and torn
Just like that sweet Spanish doll

(Sweet spanish sweet spanish... doll)

I went down to the alley way
(Sierra la Bonita)
And found that you were gone
Spanish doll: si nunca te fueras (if you never left)
You left no word no message
I still don't know exactly what went wrong
Spanish doll: lagrima (tear)
But now no matter where I go
I always seem to return
Spanish doll: buscame (look for me me)
To where you left me tattered and torn
Spanish doll: estoy rompida mi muneca (I am broken my sweet doll)

Just like that sweet spanish doll

(Sweet, spanish, sweet spanish doll)

A memory guilded in red and gold
Spanish doll: de oro (of gold)
Beauty guarded and never sold
Spanish doll: cuidame (protect me)
I keep it with me wherever I go
And I love you still
Spanish doll: recuerdame (remember me)
No matter how a story will unfold
You know I always will
Spanish doll: esta conmigo (it is with me)
Have part of you here
In this souvenir
Spanish doll

A stranger in this world without you
Is all that I can ever be
All I know that's pure and clear
You left it with me here
In this souvenir
Spanish... Spanish... Spanish...

We hear of a lovely daughter, shot down in her mistaken flight-
unaware yet how her life will be affected by this experience.

Mommy how come you cry?

While what was really happening in the years of her childhood...
Perhaps that's where the real story is - in her family house

How come it's a house of leaves?

I dont' work again till Thursday at 4pm... what do I do with my time until then?..... Anyone?
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