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Everyone should go buy THIS BOOK

Open Mic was great, though the highschoolers are slowly taking over. B.J. showed up with the master copy of Steph's CD which should be finished in a couple of weeks pending song selections. He stuck around for ahile and I finally got to have a conversation wiht the boy. I've known who he was since I was a freshman at Stadium, but I had never actually had a full conversation with him. We ended up talking music and recording equipent. I asked him about what he used to record Steph (equipment, mic placement, etc...). It was really nice to be able to sit and talk engineering wiht someone and not have to explain things. Very refreshing.

I miss being in the studio... I miss being in the photo lab... I think i just miss spending hours in dark rooms with no walls

I've made a decision to buy a copy of Nicole's Cd beofore Terry moves to Minesota 9since I think Nicole is going with her). On top of losing a great sound engineer, we will also be losing one hell of a musician

This would be my favorite song by Nicole. It rocks and involes much anger. I thoroughly enjoy it....These lyrics were written out for me tonight by request from the writer herself.

Sleep Tight
--Nicole Torres

So you say my one wrong
wrongs al my rights.
Well tell me,
How do you sleep at night?

I'll sleep well knowing
I didn't need you to see me through.
I'll sleep well cuz I saw
right through you too.
I'll sleep well cuz
I did the right thing when
no one was looking.
I'll sleep well cuz I wrote
my own rules to my own book.

So what do you have to say for yourself?
How many things do you have to put down on your shelf
before you can put your had
down to sleep at night?
Do you sleep tight?
Do you worry about your kids
Drown in the high seas
and ht ehigh tides
of the high life?
No, you're just worried about
your check book,
your new car,
your new kids
your new wife
your new life.

And speaking of life,
how do you try so hard to
Live through someone
and as soon as they actually
start to live
You just freak out
There's no doubt in my mind
That once you shtart to live though someone
you'll end up dieing
Throught them, with them, for them
and that's just not fair
Cuz you already had your whole
goddamn lifetime to turn down
all the double dog dares
and it just so turns out that
your main vein is the dardevil extrordinaire

I use to walk holding my dadddy's hand
that's when I waslked according to my daddy's plan
and one sick and sayd day my daddy
lost his little girl in the worst possible way
Isn't it a sad day when a dad
loses his llittle girl to the big bad
sick sad wide world

And I'm not your little girl
I dont' belong to you
I never tried to hang on to you
And yeah you put some food in my mour
and some clothes on my back
but there's a word for that
yeah, parenting
That's that
So dont' ever call me ungrateful
I didn't ask you to make me
So stop with the tired Iron fist
Cuz I dont' own you a thing
not a thing not a goddamn thing

Do you have any idea
what it's like to live with soemone
who you dont' think loves you
who would stop at nothign to
get under your skin
into your head
instill respect by reighning dread
and that's all there ever was
never respect
Just dread
and there I was stuck liveing inside my head
thinking I was getting more difficult to live with
becomring more unruly
and you were the fool just sitting there
getting more and more dilluted

And I thought to myself
oh God,
my throat is swelling shut
what do I do?
I just took a look at the food
I was eating
and it was getting harer and harder to swallow
and I dont' want to follow
your prepeared path
So I'm gonna ask you one last time, nicely
well, very nicely
please please
get off my back

So you say my own wrong
wrongs all my rights
Tell me
How do you sleep at night
I hope you sleep tight

Now don't go calling up your family and telling them to fuck off...

After open mic I spent a a couple hours at Denny's with Steph, Fabian and, Heidi. Now, I haven't really talked to Heidi in years. Everyonce in awhile she shows up at Open mic and we say hi and update eachother on our families, but tonight, the frou of us sat reading through that sex book. It's the most interesting things ever.

Oh and for those that may be interested in knowing this... As of August. 17th... I have become vegitarian.

I believe that is all for now..
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