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Yeah, so I almost died today.

While driving to Seattle this morning with Steph. NOt too far from the West Seattle Bridge Exit, some bitch in a red explorer decides she needs to change lanes and not look to see if someone els is there. So being as I drive a Geo Metro, I instinctively start to try and move away from the SUV that would win. As I do that I look tto my left an dsee another car coming on that side, but they see my predicament and move over so they are as close to the median as possible (seeing as tehy were in the far right lane). So basically for longer than I would like to have happen, I was riding on the line trying to avoid a lorg accident from happening on I5. So once the car on the left passes me and I can get over and my car recovers from me hitting my brakes (again thank you for the alert drivers to as well slowed down at the same fucking time I did), Igo into the left lane and when I finally pass the suv and have my sloght fit, the woman looks at me like she's completely oblivious having almost cause a 3 car pile up (at least).

I know I drive a go-kart but geeze, you'd think people would be smart enough to notice them...

I've been so horrible with updatign recently...I feel so very bad. about that. Besides I have a few stories I keep sayign I need to tell and never have. but I guess that's just me being lazy, and I have been feeling that way this past week or so. Oh well..

Ok, So last Friday night I was about to take off with Steph to meet up with Heidi and chill. My parents had just gotten home na dwere heading inside and my mom, not thinking, opened the door and let a very ancy cat out. Being as the cat's usually love me, I had to get out and help my mother catch her.

Ok so usually we don't have a problem with the cat's getting out of the house, but this is the cat that had just had surgery about 3 days prior and still had teh drainage tube in her. She wasn't allowed to be out, by the vets orders.

Anyway, my mom and I spend the next half and hour chasing thsi cat around the golf course my house is located on. Finally I just decide to fuck it. I know she'll come home later after she's gotten to run around for a bit. I'd call her when I get home if she hadn't returned by then. So I walk back to the house to get Steph and leave.

As we walk out the door to my garage, me, being frustrated and slightly angry with my mother for letting the cat get out (since it was the second time she'd done it), smashed my finger in the door as I was closing it. Smashed it right where the the door latches to the frame, that nasty metal piece that juts out from the frame, smashed my finger right on that. Lucky Me.

So I then run back into the house in lots of pain. But doing a great job about not swearing in front of my father (go me), who immediatly told me to go to the kitchen and run it under cold water to cut down onswelling, while he was running to the batheroom to get teh alcohol and bandages. When it was all through, I finally left the house angry, frustrating, and in a lot of pain with a throbbing finger (oh what a wonderful night).

My finger still looks nasty, but it doesn't really hurt anymore (only when I smack it at work while wrpping pizzas in a rush.

Since then nothing really as exciting has happened. Though, I have started hanging out with Heidi, which is kinda weird, sicne I hadn't socalized with her since we were in elementary school. Now, I'm crashing at her motel this weeked for the rest of Bumbershoot (it's just too weird)

Wednesday evening was a bit interesting, I finally got a chance to talk to my John. I swear I haven't sat and had a good conversation with that boy in a good two weeks at least, and he's someone I'd usually talk to, at least every couple of days (just to keep me sane and grounded...I need a regular dose of smartass banter). I understand he's dating someone now, and he wants to spend time with her. I know how that is, but I've just been bummed with the timming of it all. he will always be the one I can call at 2am when I'm crying my eyes out).

Anyway, just before I was about to leave my house to go to Shakabrah for opem mic, I get a call from Steph asking where I was and if I was coming down (I was running bit late and such). When Igo tthe the shop, Steph was sitting in a booth with Heidi crying. I went and sat with them, and tried to get Steph to say something, but ti wasn't happening. Finally Heidi and I decided she needed somethign to eat (since she hadn't eaten all day), so Heidi went and got all of us some food. While she was gone, Steph started letting it all out. Way too many bad things in one year, on top of worries about school. Sometime after that Steph took off for some fresh air, and I chilled with Heidi...

About and hour later Steph and Heidi were out front with their guitars plaing and just having a great time. Just befor ethey went inside they started singing together, with Steph doing harmonies. I got chills. Few things musical cause happy chills down my back. THose two need to keep playing together. The are amazing.

After open mic, Terry and Nicole invite us to a party at a friend's house. Oh god that was the biggest appartment I have ever seen. It takes up about half of the basemen tof hte whole complex. I think it use to be a ballroom or soemthing along those lines. It's just huge and wonderfull and $1200 a month as a 3 bedroom. That is a great deal on that place. If there was somethign like that in Seattle you know it would be at least twice that.

The night was concluded with the three of us watchinch The Life of David Gale on my computer.

And now today. I had a great time at Bumbershoot, though I did give up on seeing Maktub to see Modest Mouse instead. maktub is a local band, I know I'll have a chance to see them elsewhere around here. Modest Mouse was ok... I still think they should never play in arena setting like Bumbershoot is. They're just better in a club environment.

The Space Needle has become a part of a muscal instrumetn called The Space Harp. It's huge and weird and cool andoh my god I want it.

We went to The Stranger's Talent Show. I really thing Steph should enter next year and should definately do one of her funny songs...or maybe do one of her hip hop medley's... She does a kick ass acoustic version of Rapper's Delight. I still thingk the "four fingers and a hotdog bun" man should have won the competition.

Yay to Heidi for buying us dinner afterwards at the Chinese Place in teh International District.

Macy Gray
Celebrity Dating Game
Mary Lou Lord
Dj Eva
The Dandy Warhols

I really should get some sleep...I have to be up in five hours to pick everyone up.
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