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I miss video games...

Hehehehe....I got to spend a few hours on Bangor today. I like it there. I get a much better vibe there than I did on Ft. Lewis. Maybe it's cause it doesn't really look too much like a military base (minus the secured gates and random people in uniform). Maybe it's cause everythign's just kinda newer and it tends to look a bit more like a small city.


I went up to Bremerton to visit Aaron, and ended up going with him to get appartment/house listings for the area. After that, we got lunch with a couple of his friend's from work and then ended up back at Bangor visiting another one of his friend's from work. There we all sat around for a fwe hours watched a movie and then played around with video games. Mike on his computer, Aaron on the playstation, and me on Aaron's Gameboy (yes I was playing games, what a scary thought).

I think I'm being pulled into being more of a nerd... John should love that. He's only been able to accomplish just so much from St. Louis.

Migrain meds = tiredness... goodnight
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