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Friday morning Steph and I arrived at the Seattle Center around 11am and picked up our wristbands for the night show (though I wasn't planning on attending it. We wandered for a bit, looked in booths and marvelled at all the expensive pretty things we wanted to buy. watched a few random street musicians (especially the beautiful drummer boy with the homeade drum kit). We finally ended up in the Center House so we could meet up with Heidi around 3pm.

After meeting up with Heidi, we went and watched Pizzazz! The Stranger's Talent show. It was fairly funny and the Opera Diva won, Though I honestly think it should have Holly Chernobyl, the bulesqe queen that talked about having a fat ass. It was a wonderously hilarious time.

Next we went to the Memorial Stadium and watched Modest Mouse. They were all right. Though I still believe I would probably love them if I get the chance to see them in a club setting. They just are not an arena band. Before we went and sat to watch the show though, Heidi Steph and I were checking out teh booths in the back of the Stadium. Heidi found a few peices of jewlery she loved and purchased them baving spend 2/3 of her $400+ for the weekend in one night.

After the show we went to dinner at at chinese place downtown, but I already discussed this night beifly ina previous entry. oh well... I guess that means I'm on to Saturday...

Side Note I know I kept talking about how I wanted to see Maktub, and I still do. I just didn't want to separate the group and Steph was all about Modest Mouse. Besides, I should have many more chances to see Maktub in the future (yay to local bands).

Saturday agani started early, and with little sleep.

I picked up Erin and Steph and off we were to Seattle for day 2 of Bumbershoot weekend. Saturday was definately the busiest day of the weekend.

We arrived in Seattle and picked up Heidi from her Motel, and then went to the Center. We stopped at the Center House to get breakfast, and then Erin left the group to watch Macy Gray while we went to see The Stranger's Celebrity Dream Date. We laughed our asses off again at that and when it was over we ran to Memorial Stadium to catch the last half hour of Macy Gray. She was really cool, and as Erin states it "is very pro-penis." I did have issues with a few parents making comments to their childeren about how she "doean't sound that great." First of all, They're in a Stadium that doesn't have the most ideal arrangement for music. Second, they're in the back of the Stadium. Why the hell do you think the sound quality would be great from there. The music sounded slightly distorted from where I was at in the back. That leaves you with no athority on whether or not someone sounds great. Speack to me again when you're not "on the couch." *end rant mode*

After Macy Graay Steph and Heidi play for awhile to try and make a few extra dollars for lunch but there was no love to be had from the crowd. Though, in my opinion they sounded better than ever, and all the people walking by that day were just greedy and selfish.

Next show was Mary Lou Lord, who happened to be a bit tipsy. She didn't sound all that great as a result of the alcohol and we made plans to see her while she Busked that night outside of the Mercer arena.

From there we wandered to the smokey basement of the Exhibition Hall, where the What's Next Stage was located. Heidi left us due to teh noise bothering her ears (she had an ear infection). There we watched Boon Bap Project, which was all right. and then Awesop Rock and Murs, who we were there to see. BEing as it was my first hip hop show, I have to say it wasn't all that bad. I did get al ittle bored of smelling the weed. Steph and I did start playing a game of count-the-black-people (we counted 8 minus steph). I enjoyed watching all the boys that couldnt' dance (let alone keep the rhythm).

When that was all through we fought our way tot he front to watch The Dandy Warhols. They kicked so much ass. Though there wasn't really any interaction with the crowd, I had a great time and therefore am very amped about sometime seeing them again in the future. Erin really love teh Hot Tabourine girl (she was really cool). Before the show we were flirting with one of the security guards and chilling with another group that was behind us (we were at teh barricade). After the show, Erin was given a set list by our security gurad...probably because she made metntion to him after the show of how he enjoyed watching the jiggling of the breasts (he pleaed the 5th).

After the show we had to face an upset Heidi, because we were an hour late meeting her since the show ran long. She was worried that she had pissed off Mary Lou Lord since she was asked to pick up some coffee while she was going to meet with us. Mary Lou was cool with it and Heidi quickly recovered adn Steph asked Mary Lou if she could play, which she did.

After we left May we ended up going to eat at Minnies and from there Fabian met up with us and we ended up back at his appartment for a bit chilling and playing with the guitars, and then came the random sex jokes from Fabian....and then we left. Erin stayed behind cause she was crashing there for the night. The rest of us went back to Heidi's motel where we crashed in her room.

Oh what a wonderous night it was...

Sunday started pretty normal, though we were already in Seattle. Heidi and I got up to pick up Erin from Fabian's appartment and ended up taking a very roundabout way throguh the Queen Anne district, endin up at the top of queen anne hill just to get to the appartment at the bottom of the hill. Way too many wrong turns. By teh time we reacehd the bottom of the hill Erin and was walking with Fabian to work so we picked them up along Mercer and drove him the rest of the way. We then drove back to the motel to get Steph, but first stopped by the center so Erin and I could get wristbands for main show that night.

We got Lunch at Westlake Center, and then took the monorail to the center. where we hurried to catch the end of Black Eye Peas. Erin heard her song as we were making our way into the venue, though once we were settled in a good spot near the front they were in the middle of the second to last song. We stuck round for De La Soul, but soon became bored so we left to wander (somewhere in there the group split in half so it was just Erin and I leaving).

Erin went and napped on the grass while I went to the Center House to check out Flagstock 3. Lots of show posters of bands that I want. And even many more that I wanted to get for people I know. Around 4pm, Erin and I met up to get ready for wait we knew we had. By 5pm we were the firt in line for the Cold/Evanescence show that night. We met some 15 year-old girls while waiting. They ened up letting us into the venue a few minutes early cause the line had become so long. Once in we "walked" to our spot at the front barrier just to the right of the stage. We helped the 15 year-olds get there as well and they were very grateful about that. Durring our hours long wait for the show to begin, we chatted with the secruity and others nearby.There was a mother behind us with a 13 year-old kid. This kid is the coolest perscon ever. in the middle of the show he got the security to pull him out after asking his mom for $2 and then a few minutes later returns with a soda (how the kid made his way through such a tight crowd I will never know). While waiting between shows, at one point Ben Moody came out on stage and through water on teh crowd and again returned a few minutes later with a full watger funn adn squirted the crowd (I kinda felt like I should have been at a Hanson concert back in 98).

Cold opened the night. They're a good band. I see why Erin loves them so much. Though biast as I am, my favorite was Evanescence. Eveanescence had much more interaction with the crowd, which I totally dug. Amy was great bouncing around on stage. I loved all the songs, including teh Smashing Pumpkins cover. My favorite part of the night though, would have to be the little Metalica medley they did, even though Amy didn't know the words to any other songs...or durring the Nirvana cover where again she only knew part of the words (I think they were just trying to embarass her in front of the crowd, but she did great and I have a lot fo respect for that). I did notice she started to get upset with the ssound guy cause he wasn't fixing the mix in her monitor right. I know it happens sometime and I'm a little sorry for the engineer who was working the board, cause that's gonna be me someday.

After that we met back up with Heidi and Steph, who were fighting with my car. Apparently it didn't want Heidi drving my car and refused to work with her. After ditching my car in a "parking spot" after it died on her again we walked to Fabian's apartment for the nice chill session before attempting to start my car again to take Heidi to he Motel and Steph back home to Tacoma.

The car ran great

Finally we reach the end of the Journey. Monday. I slept in, and din't leave my house till a little after 1pm. I arrived at the Center and almost had a panic attack when one of the booths was already out of wristbands for the REM show. Fortunately I fund one at the booth near the crousel and all was right with the world.

I met up with a friend and had lunch, and then chilled for a bit. finally around4:30 I met up with Erin, Heidi, and Heidi's soon-to-be ex-husband (if I had any clue how to spell his name I would but I can't so I won't). I watched the end of the Mary Lou Lord Show with them and after wards found the beautiful drum boy from Friday and bought his CD for $5. We then watched crazy circus stuff that involved a pole adn dancing, but nothing bad. It's a family show you perv.

From there we went to the Stadium and just chilled on the floor. The day was all about REM. They did a great show, that lasted well past the scheduled time. I love a band that will just keep playing because they want to and because they can.The show was aobut 2.5 hours long and they played most of my favorites. They ended with "End of the World" and all was happy an pleasant.

The only downer for the night was Heidi's soon-to-be ex... it's pretty pathetic how petty a person will act when they know they've lost. He is a bastard and I really feel Heidi can do much better.

After the show we took care of picking things up and dropping people off and then Erin and I were off to return home. I dropped her at her appartment in Olympia and then drove back to Tacoma so I could write all this out.

Somehow between last night and right now, I have used up an entire tank of gas... I'm still trying to figure out how. there was the drive home from Seattle last night, the derive to and from Seattle today. and teh ride to and from Olympia (from Tacoma). That doens't really seem like that was enough driving to kill my tank. I use to be able to make it from Shoreline to Port Orchard and sometime back to Tacoma and only have to fill up every three days.... maybe I'm doing the math wrong. I'm not sure. If anyone can help me go right on ahead

The Shows Isaw this weekend
  • Pizzazz!

  • Modest Mouse

  • Saturday
  • Celebrity Dream Date

  • Macy Gray

  • Mary Lou Lord

  • Boom Bap Project

  • Aesop Rock & Murs

  • The Dandy Warhols

  • Sunday
  • Black Eyed Peas

  • De La Soul

  • Cold

  • Evanescence

  • Monday
  • Mary Lou Lord

  • Wilco

  • REM

I should try and sleep...
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